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Boat deck floor sanding in Auckland

Addressing your floor concerns in Auckland

At Nick’s Floor Sanding we know how great your new floor will look but we also know that committing to a new design can be a difficult decision. If you have questions about our process, preparation or after care for your new floor then we have created a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you.
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What do we need to do prior to work commencing?

Before we can get started its important that we have access to the floor.  The room needs to be cleared of any furniture, lino or carpet.


Can we stay in the house while it’s being done?

Our number one concern is your comfort and safety and while we lay your floor there will be headache causing fumes that will make you uncomfortable. For this reason it is highly recommended that you find a friend or relative to stay with while we work.


How long will the process take?

Each job differs depending on the size of the project but typically it will take three days.


How long do we have to wait to move back into the house?

We recommend allowing 24 hours before moving back in, but you have to be careful to place your furniture with care and never drag it across the floor.

Maintenance of urethane coated floors

  1. Keep your floors free of dirt, grit and abrasive particles.
  2. Use electrostatic mats and mops wherever possible to greatly cut down the need for maintenance.
  3. Wash floors regularly with hot water and methylated spirits (1/4 cup to 5 litres of hot water)
  1. Wash floors with abrasive cleaners.
  2. Use polish, waxes, or silicone finishes (these will affect the bonding or additional reglaze coats).
  3. Use ballroom dancing powder.
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